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Michael, if you lose your vision and your dream, you'll lose your will to live and you may never get out of this wheelchair.

You have to see light at the end of the tunnel. You must be able to comprehend that you'll walk again. You have to see yourself dancing. You have to see yourself on stage, Michael. You must see yourself healed. You have to picture it... If you can't picture it, your physiology can't create it. Even if it seems impossible right now, you have to see the impossible becoming possible.

I gave Michael a special videotape and told him to watch it as many times as it took for him to see light at the end of the tunnel; to see himself walking and dancing. I said, "You have to hold in your mind's eye a virtual reality that is greater than your physical reality." And he cried and put his arm on my shoulder; he pulled me toward him and we held each other. At that moment he saw light at the end of the tunnel. With tears in his eyes, he said, "I'm gonna walk again."

The videotape I gave Michael was about Morris Goodman, who is called the "Miracle Man." After surviving a plane crash that broke almost every bone in his body— including his skull—and resulted in his becoming paralyzed, he eventually learned to walk again. His story is one of the most inspirational stories of healing I know.

When Morris was first taken to the hospital, no one believed he would live. But he did. Though in a coma, he kept hanging on. His family knew that he enjoyed Zig Zigler and his philosophy of life so they brought in a tape recorder and played Zigler s tapes and inspirational messages over and over again for Morris. When I met him, Morris told me that while

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