I gave Michael a special videotape and told him to watch it as many times as it took for him to see light at the end of the tunnel; to see himself walking and dancing. I said, "You have to hold in your mind's eye a virtual reality that is greater than your physical reality." And he cried and put his arm on my shoulder; he pulled me toward him and we held each other. At that moment he saw light at the end of the tunnel. With tears in his eyes, he said, "I'm gonna walk again."

The videotape I gave Michael was about Morris Goodman, who is called the "Miracle Man." After surviving a plane crash that broke almost every bone in his body— including his skull—and resulted in his becoming paralyzed, he eventually learned to walk again. His story is one of the most inspirational stones of healing I know.

When Morris was first taken to the hospital, no one believed he would live. But he did. Though in a coma, he kept hanging on. His family knew that he enjoyed Zig Zigler and his philosophy of life so they brought in a tape recorder and played Zigler's tapes and inspirational messages over and over again for Morris. When I met him, Morris told me that while he was in the coma he was aware and could hear the tapes. He decided to focus on willing himself to move his eye and one of his fingers. He said he spent three weeks visualizing himself moving his finger and winking his eye. Then, one day, when the nurse was in the room, he was able to wink his eye and she saw it. The following day he moved his finger, which the nurse also saw. He told me he was trying to communicate so the doctors and his family wouldn't give up on him. Over the next few months his body started to function again and eventually he walked out of the hospital.

I told Michael to watch this documentary about the Miracle Man over and over between adjustments. He did this for about three months, but still no significant changes were occurring. It was becoming difficult, even for me, to maintain my vision of hope and my certainty that he would heal because I wasn't seeing any progress. Then one day, when I walked in to adjust Michael, I had a yearning to adjust his neck. He had wires and bolts in his neck, but my voice of intuition and inspiration said that adjusting his neck would help. I realized that I had been letting my own fear hold me back. So I listened to my inner voice of inspiration and adjusted his neck. That night he moved his toes.

I made a commitment to myself that from then on, when the inner voice of my heart and soul inspired and guided me, I would listen and obey.

I continued to adjust Michael and day by day, little by little, he improved. In less than a year he was able to stand up and balance himself. He held on to his dream and kept his focus on the light at the end of the tunnel until one Monday, when I saw Michael in the reception room, he stood up, took two steps toward me and fell into my arms. Over the next few years Michael became able to retire his wheelchair and to dance at his own party.


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